Samsung Brings Touch Wiz Interface to an Android Phone!

I’ve written some earlier articles about different Android phones and I’ve even covered the Touch Wiz interface in some of my articles. However, it’s completely new to write an article about the Touch Wiz interface on an Android phone! Samsung has released their Android version of the Touch Wiz interface and the first phone that is going to run with this combination will be the Samsung Behold II T939. A modified version of the i7500 Galaxy that is meant for the American T-Mobile market.
The specifications of the unique Phone; the Behold II T939 were released Monday and there is a lot of resemblance with the specifications that the Galaxy had, which has been released not too long ago. The Behold II has just an amoled screen like the galaxy had, and it has a size of 3.2 inch. The phone has a 5 megapixel camera, WIFI and it supports bluetooth 2.1. The looks also have a lot in common with the Galaxy, although there are a few differences like the d-pad. Where the Galaxy has a square navigation button, the Behold II T939 has a round one.

The biggest difference between the phones of course, is the interface. The only functionality that Samsung had added to the Galaxy, is the augmented reality browser Layar. The Behold II is getting Samsungs own Touch Wiz interface. A graphical shell that we could have seen before on phones with Samsungs own Operating System, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Also the ‘cube’ with all the functions is present in this interface.

I think that we can predict without too much doubt, that the next Android phone that Samsung is going to release, will be equipped with the Touch Wiz interface. If they do, Samsung won’t be the first manufacturer to put a completely own layer over Android. Earlier, HTC presented their interface called ‘Sense’ and looking at a preview from the GW620, it looks like LG has also placed their own GUI (Graphical User Interface) over the standard Android version.

When Samsung is going to release the first phones with this combination is still not clear. However, it’s obvious that the moment Samsung is releasing a new Android phone, they will add Touch Wiz too. And with the speed that phones are released these days, I can’t image that it will take very long. I’m curious how the first phones are going to work. New things like this are often troubles by many bugs.

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