4 Must-Have Android Apps for Web Developers

With so many Android apps available, there’s literally an app for just about everything. So of course there’s plenty of apps designed to help web developers. But the question is, which ones are the most helpful?
While searching through various Android apps that are intended to aid the user in web development, I have come across four apps that are must-haves for any web developer.

Having an FTP client on hand at all times can be incredibly useful, whether you’re having to manage an FTP server on the go, or you can’t get to a computer for any reason and need access to an FTP client. This is why I highly recommend AndFTP to anyone that needs to regularly manage FTP servers.

AndFTP is a FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCP client, and it is able to manage several FTP configurations. AndFTP has many useful features, such as the ability to open, rename, and delete files, create folders, edit permissions and even run custom commands.

With AndFTP you never have to worry about not being able to access a FTP client ever again.

Using HTML Test you can quiz yourself on your knowledge of HTML, which can come in handy if you feel yourself getting rusty or are just curious how much you really know.

HTML test is a pretty straight forward app, and it delivers exactly what it promises; a way to test your knowledge of HTML, and it does this in a very easy to use and intuitive manner.

View Web Source
While most modern web browsers have the ability to view the source of any website, this isn’t possible with the web browsers currently available for Android systems.

This is where View Web Source comes in, it allows you to easily view the source of any website and even lets you select and search for text in the source.

View Web Source also comes with a handy tool that allows you to view the source of a webpage you’re viewing in the Android web browser by using the share feature.

Webmaster’s HTML Editor
Every web developer needs an HTML editor, and while you no doubt already have one on your computer, having a mobile HTML editor can really come in handy.

Webmaster’s HTML Editor has support for HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript files, and includes features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, an undo and redo feature, and a built-in help system.

If you ever find yourself wishing you could edit HTML when not at a computer, or need to program while on the go, then Webmaster’s HTML Editor is the perfect tool for you. Combine it with AndFTP for maximum results.