Learn How Home-Based Businesses and Leverage Income Can Make You Rich

The first step to making money online is to search for legitimate home-based businesses. This model of business provides opportunities to make money in various ways.
Linear Earned Income
Linear earned income comes from a business where one can only earn money from one’s own efforts.
The majority of people trade their time for money. If they don’t work, they don’t earn any money. Regardless of how smart the person is, they will only earn money when they work.
If one started a lawn service and has enough equipment and gardeners to do six gardens per day, that would allow one to do six gardens in one day. If the rate were $40 per garden, it would equal $240 per day. You would also need to deduct expenses from this amount.
Leverage Earned Income
Through leverage earned income, one is able to gain income while other people work. One can even earn income without having to work. This is of course is after setting up for this to happen. The Great American Billionaire, John Paul Getty, clearly understood what leverage income was when he declared that he would rather have 1 percent of the efforts of 100 people than 1 percent of his own.
An example of this type of income is when a person owns a lawn mowing referral business. They need to find lawns that need mowing. Once they find lawns, they outsource the mowing to other contractors. By doing this, their income is not capped. They’ll obtain maximum business and outsource all the work. In this situation, they could have 20 clients per day. They can outsource the work at $30 and keep the $10 per lawn for themselves. Through this method, they are earning $200 a day not doing the work. This is one of the best business opportunity seekers should strive to get involved in.
There are many online choices for business opportunity seekers, particularly with home-based business. They can earn leverage income without investing a lot of money, simply by using the Internet, and earn a little extra cash as well.

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