RecImg Manager helps you backup and restore Windows 8

Although the long-expected new version of Microsoft’s operating system is not out yet, there are already all kinds of tools that will make the Windows 8 experience a smooth one. RecImg Manager is one of them. What will this tool do? Well, it will help all users backup and restore Windows 8.

This Windows 8 specific PC-imaging program was released by Slimware Utilities just yesterday even if users still have to wait until October to actually enjoy Windows 8. What this program does is to help you backup and restore Windows 8 OS and other software you’ve installed while keeping your personal files.

With RecImg Manager you backup and restore your Windows 8 without affecting personal files

So, if your computer got infected with some kind of malware or there’s a system error that stops your machine from working properly, this free program will help you get rid of these problems by giving you the ability to refresh your computer.

You’ve most probably used other backup and recovery utilities and thus have seen that these tools back up the entire disk restoring everything. Although many of them work, it might not be that efficient as the entire backup process may take even several hours to complete because of the great volume of data.

So, what makes RecImg Manager different? Well, according to its makers, the free program will create only a backup snapshot of Windows 8 and other installed software and not of the entire disk. This means that the backup process will be a lot quicker as it will not reinstall all your personal files but only your programs. And that means the backup snapshot will be a lot smaller. This might make you worry about your music, pictures and other personal files but there’s absolutely no reason to do so because your personal data will not be affected in any way throughout the recovery process.

It does sound like a great tool but isn’t it a little too early for the program to be released taking into account the fact that Windows 8 will only come out in October? Well, Chris Cope, Slimware Utilities CEO comes with the answer saying the reason why the program is already out is to give early Windows 8 users the ability to “begin planning how they can use RecImg Manager to reduce costs and improve efficiency at home or on their networks. Finally, we will be able to improve and build upon the feedback from early adopters to further improve and build variations of the software to meet their demands.”

Now, if you intend to upgrade to Windows 8 and you’ll find yourself in need of a backup and recovery tool, keep RecImg Manager in mind. It’s free, it works on any Intel-based device running Windows 8 and will get you back to a great and smooth Windows experience.

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