Flex on TheServerSide

J2EE developers will likely be familiar with theserverside.com, a popular online forum for all things Java. News of Macromedia Flex has hit theserverside, and there is a fairly predictable reaction, that includes “Flash is slow”, “Flash is 99% bad”, “Why do we need Flash when we can use XUL/Java Swing/Applets/etc”.

Misconceptions abound, and getting the RIA proposition into a business is often made hard not by selling a $12k license, or the business benefits of RIAs, but getting past that second meeting with an enterprise client that is setup on the basis of “…we really like what you’re saying about Rich Internet, and we can really see the value, but we have to get approval from the Technical Architect(s)…”

So, there are a few responses on theserverside already – I’ve addressed the issue of ActionScript 2.0 versus Java and making resizable apps with Flex, as well as why an RIA in Flash is often more compelling than client-side Java Swing. There is also still an indication that we need to raise awareness of options for hooking up Flash and J2EE as well as SOAP versus AMF and Web Service Integration

If Macromedia gets the average member of theserverside.com onboard, then adoption of Flex will follow.

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