Software Outsourcing with growth and issues

In this article of Software Outsourcing with growth and issues, we have tried to short out some pros and cons of the overall process. The process of Offshore Software Development is really blessing one at most of the stages of the business though, but still there are some issues that needs to be taken care off. In current world of Information Technology, there are two main players that offer the competitive services and that are India and China. Both the countries have got remarkable growth in the field of Software Outsourcing services. Some other players are also entering into the market though. As far as India and China are concerned both the countries claim to offer the high quality and cost effective development services. Compared to China, India has edge over it for the software services.

The overall growth of overseas software services is very high and rapidly the demand of overall Offshore Outsourcing industry is increasing. More and more companies and industries are shifting towards such overseas business development process as it offers the best quality and cost effective services. The main growth of overseas development services in IT industry took place after the incident of Y2K. Since then demand of India increased rapidly for very lower cost and high quality services and till date India has captured the highest market share of overseas IT development services and the total market of the country has already climbed more then $500 million in the first quarter of 2006.

Software Outsourcing Business

Countries such as India, China, Philippines and Russia have received tremendous economic growth due to the boom of Software Outsourcing services. Japan is the biggest client of China while United States and European Market are the biggest clients of India. These countries are receiving very profitable Offshore Software Development services from the house of India & China. These are some good points of the overall process of overseas software services. There are some harsh issues also, associated with the successful Software Outsourcing business. Among them data security is the prime issue that comes on the 1st position.

Recently there was an issue of data theft in one of the call centers of India. But still India is considered to be the safest place for all types of Software Outsourcing services. NASSCOM India is the main body that is taking care of all overseas IT Services and transactions of the country. Now the security in India for Offshore Software Development services has tightened up by Nasscom to avoid any type of frauds. Again in India IT Companies have to give some certain proofs and get through some legal procedure to commence the business that helps to enhance the security of the client’s data.

The above are some of the positive and negative aspects of the overseas IT development services. Still one thing is sure that Software Outsourcing has many more to offer that can really enhance the overall business process.

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