Search Engine Submission

Before submitting to the search engines you must have already optimized your web pages including the content on those web pages. Submitting your web pages to the search engines is a waste of time if your web pages are not optimized or are improperly optimized. It would be a good idea to recheck all of your web pages to make sure that they are all optimized and that everything has been done as described on this web site.

The best way to submit to the search engines is to use submission software. In most cases you would have to buy the software. There is one that I found that has a fully functional free version of the software. It does more than what you’ll ever need it to do. There is a pay version and a free version. Download the free one. You only need it for submitting to the search engines. There is a feature in there for web page optimization. It gives recommendations of what to do to optimize your web pages. I wouldn’t use this function because it doesn’t give good advice. I’ve analyzed top ranked web pages with it and it found a whole lot of things wrong. If I followed the recommendations, those web pages would no longer be top ranked. While it may be fun to play around with this feature, don’t take the advice that it gives. If you did everything that should have done to optimize your web pages, there is no need to do anything else. You can also go to each search engine and manually submit which I don’t recommend for obvious reasons, it will take longer and secondly, each search engine has different requirements for submitting so there will be a learning curve for each. Using the submission software will save you from that because the requirements for each search engine is written right into the software and your web pages will automatically be submitted to each search engine using the requirements of that search engine. The software also has a feature that will allow you to publish your web pages to the Internet before you submit them to the search engines. You can download it here

You will have to learn the software yourself. There is plenty of documentation that comes with it. This is not a trial version. It is a fully functioning free version. Once you have learned how to use the software, submit all of your web pages to the search engines. Once you have submitted to the major search engines you do not need to do it again even if you have made changes to your web pages. The search engines will see the changes the next time they spider your website. Do submit when you add new web pages. Resubmitting will not help your ranking in any way nor will it get the search engines to spider your site any sooner than if you hadn’t resubmitted. Resubmitting your website to the search engines will do absolutely nothing except waste your time. I know that the SEO guru’s will say different but I can tell you from personal experience that it makes no difference whatsoever. The key is to have a content rich website and optimize your web pages properly before submitting to the search engines which is what will drive your ranking on the search engines anyway.

Note:If you have adequately advertised your website you probably don’t need to submit to the search engines at all.

For more info read this. Using this method should get you indexed with Google much quicker. This website was indexed in 11 days on Google by doing this. If you choose to use the second method be sure to click the writing articles link at the bottom of the next page. You should read it anyway as it will be a very important part of your advertising strategy.

When you are done submitting your web pages to the search engines you can go ahead to the last section of this article to learn about composing your sales ad along with some additional advice that you may find necessary to your online success.

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