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How to Prevent Content Scraping in WordPress

If you write your own content day in and outing, you already are conscious of the very fact that your posts can find yourself on bunch of SPAM sites among a couple of days sometimes even couple of minutes. Some …


How to Optimize Your Videos

How many times have you searched for something in Google (or another search engines) for information and have a link to a YouTube video come up in the first few results? Probably quite a few times in recent months.

This …


How to Optimize Blog Posts – SEO Tips

Frequently I ask people who are blogging and spend their most of time in blogging that what are doing for SEO. Most of the bloggers told us that they are using SEO Plugins and many of them told us that …


How to Make More Money on Fiverr with Upsells

Hello guys, its been a while. Busy on some of my other sites and projects as usual. I just feel like dropping a post here today.

I want to show you guys a way to actually make sure you make …


How to Make Money on Fiverr with Website Design

Happy Sunday everyone and hope you are good. Today i want to talk about Website design gig on Fiverr. I wonder why nobody is doing this. Its one service that is high in demand and not very competitive. If you …


Choosing the Best Web Design Software

There are a lot of applications which can be used to design a website. The most important thing prior to designing a website is to look for the best web design software available on the market. When using a good …