How to Make Money on Fiverr with Website Design

Happy Sunday everyone and hope you are good. Today i want to talk about Website design gig on Fiverr. I wonder why nobody is doing this. Its one service that is high in demand and not very competitive. If you can offer this service right now, you will make money no doubt.

The best thing about website design is that, its like transcriptions service on Fiverr. You hardly get a $5 job. Most jobs go for at least $20 depending on how you offer your service and how smart you are.

If you don’t know how to design a website at all, i will recommend you learn how to do this. There are tutorials on YouTube and online but they are all scattered which might make it a little bit tough for you to learn. But you can pick up my detailed video tutorial on WordPress website design. Contact me to get that video

Its a 22 video complete package on website design with WordPress. From WordPress installation to designing, adding contents, editing HTML etc. Its a total package and you can contact me to get it.

If you know how to design a website then read along.

There are many software for designing websites. We have WordPress, Joomla and the rest of them. You can even create from scratch or edit templates with tools like Adobe Dreamweaver etc. But for simplicity, you should stick with WordPress designs.

These days, you can design anything from a complete personal blog, sales page, forum, membership sites, eCommerce sites or redesigning an existing page with WordPress.

So i don’t think you need to worry yourself trying to go with everything. Just perfect the use of WordPress and use it for any web page. And moreover, WordPress right now is about the best used tool for website designs. Either static or blog designs.

So lets go right into it.

“How do you design a whole website for just $5”? Yes, that is why many people are running away from this service. They always believe that website design for $5 is about offering a while 50 page design or number of pages the buyer wants. But it is not so.

On Fiverr, you only offer a one page website for $5. You can create any page be it homepage for a new website, inner page, designing a landing page, or redesigning an existing webpage.

Most sellers give a 3-4 page max. And that 3-4 page include the home page only and maybe the “about me”, “Privacy Policy” and “Contact me” page. The beauty of this is that the buyer gives you the content. All you need to do is cut and paste.

So basic website design involve WordPress installation, theme upload, home page and content addition.

If the buyer needs additional pages and elements like mobile version, banner, header, HTML coding, logo or some custom additions, you charge extra for that.

That is why a complete website can cost up to $50-$100 if finally put together. Its that lucrative if you know how to design a complete website. And if you are fast, you can complete a website design in few hours.

There are many ways to make the website designs. You can create from scratch or use a backup software to transfer a complete website from your server to your buyer’s server.

1. Creating a WordPress site from scratch is not difficult. All you need to do is to install WordPress on your buyer’s hosting account through CPanel. Most hosts use Fantastico or Softaculous or Softscripts. Its very easy. Just click on any tool available on the host Cpanel, click on WordPress to install.

After installation, install a good theme. You can buy any PLR themes and use any one for your clients. Installing a theme should not take more than a minute. Most quality themes come with all menus in the right place. Just add contents of the home page given to you by the buyer and paste. Add other content and update.

A 4 page website should not take much time. If the buyer wants other elements, he needs to pay for them. If you know how to design graphics like favicon, banners, headers and logo, then that’s like extra $20 for you.

Same applies to a sales page or squeeze page. Just find a theme, upload content and you are done. Every other elements the buyer wants, you make extra money.

If you can’t create graphics, you can outsource those at cheaper price to graphics designers and keep the change.

2. Another way is to design a web page on your host and transfer a copy to your buyer’s server. Get a backup software like backupbuddy or free ones like backwpup or similar plugins.

These plugins backup everything on your site and all you need to do is copy and upload to the buyer’s server via FTP. Then just cut what is on the page and replace it with the buyer’s content and you are done.

3. A third way is to get a PLR website or blog. These PLR blogs come with a premium backup tool like backupbuddy. All you need to do is upload the blogs to the buyer’s host server and edit the page.

4. A fourth method is to offer the service as a packaged blog your buyer can get for $5 and install himself. This method save you all the stress of messing with FTP etc. Just deliver and let the buyer worry about installation. You simply just sell a packaged blog and sell for $5.

This is how it works. You simply buy a packaged PLR blog. These PLR blogs are blogs that have been created with contents, banners, SEO plugins, premium themes, sliders, headers etc.

Most of these blogs come with up to 10 posts. These blogs are beautiful and are backed up and zipped up with premium backupbuddy plugin for easy transfer. All you need to do is buy and just upload it to the buyer’s server.

They come with full tutorials on how to upload the premade blogs through FTP. Once you upload it, you can replace the contents with the buyer’s own. Just copy and paste.

If reselling the blogs is that you want to offer, then you don’t have to do anything. The buyer does the installation and editing himself since all instructions come with the package.

So website design is really a lucrative gig on Fiverr. If you know how to design a website with WordPress then you will make lots of money. Having a good knowledge of graphics and HTML/CSS is an added bonus. You will definitely kill it anywhere on Fiverr or any other freelance site if you have knowledge of all these.

Many people are looking for who will design a website for them. Some buy websites because of the custom themes while some are too lazy or too busy to design one themselves. So they outsource it on Fiverr.

Website design cost hundreds of $$$ on sites like elance or freelancer or odesk. So many people now come to Fiverr to get it at cheaper cost.

Go to Fiverr and check out this gig for yourself. Website design is not hard if you know how to go about it. Cheers.

If you need a PLR blog pack with custom theme and premium backupbuddy, then contact me. I have 10 full fledged blogs in 10 different niches.

I also have up to 10 custom sales page or landing pages. You can use these pre-made blogs for your clients and even resell them. That’s like 20 Packaged websites and Landing Pages. Contact me now to get them all at dead cheap price.

If you would rather learn to design website yourself with WordPress, contact me also to get 22 full videos on WordPress from start to finish. Remember you are not a complete internet marketer if you cannot design a simple website of your own.

Hope you like this tutorial. Happy Sunday everyone.

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