How to Make More Money on Fiverr with Upsells

Hello guys, its been a while. Busy on some of my other sites and projects as usual. I just feel like dropping a post here today.

I want to show you guys a way to actually make sure you make more money per gig on fiverr. Fiverr gigs start at $5, but that does not mean you have to settle for $5 for each job every time.

A very nice trick i have always used is to add upsells to all my services. I always persuade my customers to buy something additional or more expensive after the main job is done. Its a nice way to make additional money.

But i don’t have to wait until after the sales to persuade my customers to buy additional services, i always persuade them to buy before they order. Most of you leave that for the extras. You can actually add in your descriptions that you have something a better for an extra $5 or $10. So i make extra cash right away without waiting for the prospective customer to go through the gig extras.

Not every buyer looks down at the gig extras, so adding what looks like an upsell lets you kill 2 birds with a stone…

First, if you did not know. Upsell is an additional product or service you throw in or recommend to your customer after he buys something from you. But in this case, we can do so before and after sale

For example, if you are a content writer, then you can offer submission and link building services at a combined price of $15.

So what you would do is add in your description that you also can help them build links using the article and submit it to 1000 content blogs for extra $10. Tell them to contact you for that.

How does that help you? It makes the buyer want to weigh the options. $5 article against article plus submission and 1000 contextual links for $15. I can assure you that some buyers would opt for the whole extra package which is something close to an upsell. That will make you an extra $10.

And you were able to do this without waiting for your buyer to go down and look at the gig extras.

Most buyers never look at gig extras so why wait until they buy my $5 gig before telling them that there is a $15 option. I hope you get the idea.

Of course we are going to have same combine service in the gig extras and other service combinations. But don’t leave it to the buyer to look for it. Push it in his face and that is by adding it to the descriptions and make it look like an upsell which technically, that is what it is.

I also like to contact my buyer after i am done and delivering the job. You can send a message that you have finished the job hope they like it. Finally tell them that if they wanted, you would build 1000 more backlinks for an extra $5.

Just think of something that will go along with your main service. Most of the time, offer what the buyer needs as the endgame as an upsell.

For someone who needs an affiliate review videos for example, you could offer submission to video sharing sites as an upsell when delivering the job. Because most affiliate marketers making review videos are eventually going to post them to video sharing sites. This they probably wanted to give to another seller to do. Why lose the money when you can do the job and get extra $5 or even more.

It works if you do this right. I do this all the time and i sure make more money doing it.

So guys, start making more money per order. No matter your service, there is always something you can add that will give you more chances of making more money per sale.

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