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Frequently I ask people who are blogging and spend their most of time in blogging that what are doing for SEO. Most of the bloggers told us that they are using SEO Plugins and many of them told us that they are using Yoast SEO Plugin. I asked them about using Yoast SEO and I noted that almost all blogger to whom I asked this question are unaware of using SEO Plugins. They were saying that they have installed SEO plugin and nothing more. How plugins can automatically do SEO for your post? That is only the reason they have not Search Engine Traffic. Even here at AllTechsGuide we are also using Yoast SEO Plugin and I think we are doing well with Yoast. Some of the bloggers even didn’t know about meta description. Then what is the purpose of installing SEO Plugins.

You don’t need to worry about if you are not using WordPress. Almost in all Blogging Platforms we are capable of writing meta description, keywords, internal linking, categories and tags. We have used Blogger also and all these are available at Blogger.

In this article we will show you how to use SEO Plugins, Meta Description, Keywords, SEO-Friendly Title, Internal Linking and Categories and Tags to optimize blog posts.

We are sure that after reading this article you will learn Optimizing Blog Posts.

Selecting Focus Keyword:

Focus keyword is the main keyword that forces search engines to show your your post in search. If you are writing an article which has a great competition like we are writing an article on optimizing blog post. Blogging has became a passion. There are many people who do blogging just because they like writing. Most of the bloggers write about SEO and optimizing and there competition increases. There are chances for their posts to outrank your posts. There is solution for such kind of situation. You can use long keywords for your blog posts. Keep in mind that your viewers are not search engines. They don’t use algorithm to search. People don’t use only a single word to search. Like if they want to search about optimize blog posts. Then they will not search by writing optimize because in that case there is possibility that search engines will show about optimize theme, optimize speed and etc. If people is searching about optimizing blog posts then he will not like searches for optimize theme and etc.

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Yoast SEO Plugin allows to add keyword to a single post. If you have already used a keyword in your previous post then Yoast SEO Plugin will auto sugggest you the keyword. And you don’nt have need to write full keyword. This feature is helpful if you are using long tail keywords. Yoast SEO Plugin will also show you How many times you have used that keyword.

SEO Friendly Post Title

SEO friendly title is that which human readable. It should contain the focus keyword. As your focus keyword is Optimizing Blog Posts if people will search for Optimizing Blog Posts and the will will find that Optimizing Blog Posts is not written in your title then there is possibility that they will not click on your post. Your post should contacing the right keywords that the people were searching for.

The limit of SEO friendly title is 70 characters. It does’nt mean that you can not use title longer than 70 characters. You can write title as long as you want. But if you want your title to be SEO Optimized then it should not be longer then 70 characters.

SEO Meta Description

There are many SEO Experts who say that Meta Description is irrelevant. There is no need to add Meta Description if you just want to do SEO. However Meta Description is great if you want to describe your post in small description which will be shown in description of your post in search results.

Everyone has different thinking and views. We can not change thinking of other people. At AllTechsGuide we recommend you to use meta description. According to us it helps in SEO. If you have a good meta description that has force keywords in it then it is probability that you come at top of search results. The purpose of Meta Description is to summarize the article. Meta description also helps your users to understand that what is the post about. The limit for SEO Meta Description is 155 characters. You must remember that you should use focus keyword in your meta description

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Some of the users also use first 155 characters of their post as meta description. We are not confirmed about this practice. We don’t know that this helps or affects your SEO. We will try to publish soon about this article.

Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags helps search engines to recognize your content. This is not the only reason to use categories and tags. It also helps your readers to recognize that what they are reading. It will become easy if your reader wants to search on your blog. They can select the category which they want to read about. You must read our detailed guide Categories vs Tags Which is Best Practice for SEO?. Let think that your blog is a book, Categories as table of content and tags as index part of the book.

How Internal Linking Helps in SEO?

Internal linking is that you link your old posts in your post. There is a chance that your reader will view your post. As most of your readers read the article where they came and go away. They don’t see your popular post, random posts etc widgets. But if you are writing a line about your old post then your visitor will read the line and there may be a chance that your viewer will read that post..

Many bloggers says that if you are blogging for a long time and you have a great number of posts then you should do internal linking. It helps to decrease your bounce rate. The bogs with lower bounce rates are ranked first. Search Engines are robots if the website has larger bounce rate then they think that the website is irrelevant.

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I wanna say that it doesn’t work for all blogs. There are many bloggers who do internal linking but still there bounce rate is increasing. Bounce Rate is that how many percent of visitors go away after the reading the post where the came. Let see the bounce rate of Neil Patel Blog which has Alexa Ranking of 8,889 and our Blog AllTechsGuide blog which has Alexa Ranking of 807,145.

It doesn’t mean that bounce rate don’t helps in SEO. It is true. There maybe a question in your mind Then why Rankings of Neil Patel is more than AllTechsGuide if AllTechsGuide has bounce rate of nearly 4.4%. Neil Patel is blogging for a long time and he is well known be search engines. Neil Patel is authority blog. Whereas AllTechs Guide is Published on 2nd August of this Month. It takes time to get better rankings.

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