Make Money Writing

You can make money writing. Some may be skeptical about the idea but it is really possible. In fact, quite a number of people all over the world have already quit their day jobs and plunged into online writing full-time.

See, if you have a way with words and can sell yourself to others, you can get enough work that will pay equally– if not more than– your entire salary’s worth. What’s more, you can do this from your very own home! In the following, let’s talk about four popular methods on how you can earn from writing online.


There are a number of ways on how you can make money by blogging. One, you can establish your own blog and sell spaces for advertisements. Two, you can get into affiliate marketing and earn commission by helping a merchant sell his or her products or services. Three, you can also get paid by blogging for others. Yes, some blog owners need a hand in maintaining their sites! You can write in their behalf and get paid for so doing.

Writing and Selling E-books

If you are an expert on something, you can create your own electronic book about it. With an interesting content and a terrific marketing plan, you can surely make money from your very own masterpiece. However, if embarking on this project sounds rather overwhelming yet, you can choose to sell others’ works first. Many writers are in need of agents to help endorse their books. Some of them offer up to 50% commission. If you have what it takes to sell, then this can be a good way to earn extra.

Making Reviews

Some companies are on the lookout for people who would be willing to write reviews on their products and services in exchange for cash or perks. If there’s a particular company that you like or support, you might want to start by inquiring from them. It would be nice to talk about something you have already tested and tried. It will not only make the job easy as you know exactly what to say, but readers will also have a good time reading something from the heart. Nothing beats first-hand experience.

Writing Articles

Writing articles is one of the easiest ways to make cash online. As a freelancer, you will be given an assignment to work on including other details such as title, keyword, scope, and number of words to write. You will be compensated depending on your agreement with the client. Sometimes, you can get paid per article. Other times, you can get paid by the bulk. Either way, this endeavor can prove to be a great point to start when you are yet starting in the business of writing.

These are the most popular ways on how to make money by writing. If you wish to earn extra by weaving words or you simply want to start a career in it, then trying any of these can be the only thing it’ll take.

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