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Steam Store is Charging too Much Money

This article certainly is not meant to be a rant about the Steam Store. If anything, I love the steam store. I’ve been buying games off there for years. Heck, I have the entire original XCOM franchise (and the new …


4 Ways to Vertically Space Text in WordPress

Spacing out text either to fit with pictures or for dramatic effect can be a bit tricky in the visual editor of WordPress. Here are four ways to space out paragraphs and text.

Press enter in the visual editor and …


11 things you should never do at a networking event Networking 1 on 1

You know you’ve done it – you’ve left an event and thought you yourself “What the heck was he thinking!” Yes, you just met the man who violated all the rules of networking, and now you know you’ll never look …


5 Reasons Why Internet Marketers Should Have a Blog

Are you an Internet Marketer? Did you know that Blogging is one of the newest Internet Marketing tools? Let’s look into why you should have a blog.

A blog, short for Web Log, started back in the late 90′s. What …