5 Reasons Why Internet Marketers Should Have a Blog

Are you an Internet Marketer? Did you know that Blogging is one of the newest Internet Marketing tools? Let’s look into why you should have a blog.

A blog, short for Web Log, started back in the late 90′s. What started as a comment on an existing webpage has turned into a way for individuals to write about what is on their mind. It could be a personal blog that no one other than yourself sees, kinda like a journal or diary. Or it can be a place to vent or just talk about topics that are of interest to you.

As Blogging becomes more and more popular, it has become one more way to monetize an Internet Marketing Business. So why should you be blogging? Here are my thoughts, see if you agree.

1. Blogging is easy. If you have a computer and an internet connection ( and who doesn’t these days?), then you too can have a blog.

2. Blogging can be free to do. You can start a blog for free, without owning a domain name or having a website, but if you are serious about marketing you will want a paid blog. Mainly because on free blogs your content may not be your own. If you inadvertently breach the terms of use, your blog could be taken down without any notice and all your hard work would be gone.

So what do you talk about? Just talk about your ideas or if you want to use it as a marketing tool, talk about new products you’ve tried and your experience with them. Did you like them? Why?

3. Which brings us to our third reason. Blogging is real. People like to buy things, they don’t want to be sold to. Think about it. Everyday we are bombarded with advertising. Commercials, touting that their product is the best.

The difference with a blog is that it’s like talking to a friend. Telling them your first hand experience with a product, why you liked it. What you hated about it. Would you use it again? You’re just giving your opinion. It’s real!!

4. So if you are real, then it stands to reason that you will become believable. Which will give credibility to your posts. As your credibility builds, your readers will come to rely on your information. As word spreads of your expertise, you may even become the go to expert in your field.

5. Which builds readership. As your readership grows, so grows your market. Let’s face it, unless you are a big time name, no one is reading your blog except your mother, (or in my case my husband and 2 grown children).

So tomarrow we will expand on how you can use a blog to build your market, and get more readers.

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