Strategic Ideas to Help You Position Your Business

Business positioning is a concept most service business owners find rather vague and indefinable. It’s hard to execute something that you don’t understand. For our purposes here, let’s define business positioning as the practice of targeting a specific market and aligning business tactics, marketing, written writing and marketing activities to capture that market. Often service businesses aim for a specific market, but their follow-through is misaligned to attract those prospects. Here are some ideas to help you with your business positioning.

1. Be crystal clear about your target market.

Write down every detail about who exactly you want to attract as prospects and win as clients. If you cannot specifically describe your market how can you expect to attract them? Without clarity in this area, you cannot position your business. If you have problems with clarifying your target market (most people do), get professional help.

2. Once you know who your target market is, you need to assess where they are and how you can access them.

Do they belong to any organization or groups? Do they frequent certain information sources? Do they have specific attitudes or tendencies that give them predictable behaviors? Do you expect them to do something or go somewhere in habitual ways? If you can’t answer these sorts of questions about your target market, you don’t know them well enough. Go back to your t target market description and dig deeper.

3. What tactics (business activities) will put you in regular contact with your target market?

Where can you go to develop relationships with those you want to work with as clients? What marketing methods have the best chance of success with these prospects? What unique or specific techniques can you identify that have the greatest possibility of success? What will attract them? What problems are they looking to solve and where do they go for resources?

4. What do you want your business to be known for?

If someone were to describe in a few words (5-6) what you do, what would those words be? In the field of your competitors what specialty do you intend to claim? What makes your business unique? What do you do that no one else does? Being able to state this clearly and succinctly states your position.

5. How do you describe your business in marketing writing for your business materials?

What problems do you solve? What solutions do you provide? Who do you help? How does your process work? What benefits do your clients experience? When you put this all down in writing, does it align with the rest of your positioning? If not, what needs to be changed? You want to present a cohesive and logical picture of your business in your marketing writing.

6. When you’ve gotten your business positioning defined, now ask yourself, does it all fit you and your business?

Are you comfortable with every aspect? Do you feel “at home” and “in your element”? Does it all play to your strengths? Are there parts of the whole that don’t feel entirely genuine, or is the emphasis slightly misplaced? You want to feel completely confident and thoroughly at your best in your business positioning. Adjust the circumstances until you are there.

Use these ideas to clarify your business positioning in the market. Define what you want your service business known for, then orient all your business and marketing activities to accomplish that positioning.

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