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The guide to life (part one)


It seems cliché to say the most important question you will ever ask yourself is “Who am I ?” It is the question that


The Hateful Eight

The  Hateful Eight is a western movie that feature the stories of eight strangers who eventually cross paths.

“Chapter One: Last Stage to Red Rock”

This chapter features Major Marquis Warren as he delivers the corpses of three outlaws to …


Best Gaming Laptops in 2014

The best gaming laptops should be able to plow through the latest games without breaking a sweat. While there are quite a number that can do this, choosing the overall best is a big challenge. This is because each has …


Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 With GTX 980M

GTX 980M is on average 30% faster than the GTX 970M.. So what are we going to do about your low-performing gaming laptop? Lets take a look at the best gaming laptop under 1500 which contains a 980m GPU. Why …