Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 With GTX 980M

GTX 980M is on average 30% faster than the GTX 970M.. So what are we going to do about your low-performing gaming laptop? Lets take a look at the best gaming laptop under 1500 which contains a 980m GPU. Why settle for a 970m when you can have a 980m for almost the same price!!

The ASUS ROG G751JY-WH71 is an impressive machine, coming in hot between $1549-$1599. I know that its not under 1500 but just a tad above. However, its the best gaming laptop under 1500 or close to it that has a 980M. As you know we like to have a little bit of play room of $100 dollars when picking our laptops. This is the reason why… for $1549 you can get a laptop with a 980M graphic card! We couldn’t turn down this beautiful machine because its $49 dollars over our price budget.

Internals of the ASUS ROG G751JY-WH71 are well above satisfying and this is why we chose it for the best gaming laptop under 1500. The ASUS encloses an intel i7 4720HQ processor, 16GB of ram, and of course the 980m, currently the best GPU out there. Nonetheless the storage is not sacrificed. You get a 1TB 7200rpm hard drive and a 128GB SSD! So far it has everything we could ask for without the whopping price tag. But, there is more! To finish it off with a cherry on top the ASUS is a 17.3in (We at GLU1K prefer this size) and supports G-SYNC!

ASUS ROG G751JY-WH71 Overview: $1549-1599
– i7 4720HQ 2.6Ghz Quad Core
– GTX 980M 4GB / 16GB DDR3
– 1TB 7200rpm Hard drive + 128GB SSD
– 17.3in 1920×1080 supported G-SYNC

There you have it the best gaming laptop under 1500! We are now going to take a deeper look at the ASUS and all the goodies it offers. If you just wanted to see what the best gaming laptop under 1500 was.. now you know, no need to read on. However, I recommend you stick around as at this point we are going to go a little more in depth about all the features ASUS provides.


As you noticed ASUS has the older 4th gen intel i7 4720HQ processor, which some of you might get turned off by. Although its a little outdated, do not fear as it still provides plenty of power. Looking at the passmark benchmarks it scores an average of 8109 slightly behind the i7 5700HQ which has an average score of 8674. On the other hand the 4720HQ is slightly ahead of the new Skylake i7 6700HQ which scored an average of 8023.

However, benchmarks don’t always reflect how a cpu will perform in real-life applications, because certain applications don’t utilize multiple cpu cores yet. Therefore, its just a general guideline to give you a rough estimate of CPU performance.

After all the new Skylake really has not focused on maximizing performance instead it was designed to be more energy efficient. We can see this when compared to the 5700HQ, in fact you can read all about it here [].

In the end this best gaming laptop under 1500 might not have the finest CPU but its more than enough to run any game and will not bottleneck the 980M. So, if you are looking to save money its a good idea to go with a slightly older model CPU in exchange for a stronger GPU.

As for the rest of the specs.. I figured you guys would enjoy watching a video more than reading about it. Sadly I could not find the exact model, but its still the G751JY just with more ram and a bigger SSD not a deal breaker.


In conclusion the best gaming laptop under 1500 is the ASUS ROG G751JY-WH71 albeit that its marginally over our $1500 dollar budget. On the contrary you are getting a 980M GPU, 16GB of ram, 1TB hard drive, 128GB SSD and an i7 4720HQ processor. All that for a superb price of $1549 to $1599 depending where you buy it from.

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