The Hateful Eight

The  Hateful Eight is a western movie that feature the stories of eight strangers who eventually cross paths.

“Chapter One: Last Stage to Red Rock”

This chapter features Major Marquis Warren as he delivers the corpses of three outlaws to the town of Red Rock. To make his journey faster, he asks a man named O.B. for a ride. During the ride, he meets the bounty hunter John Ruth who’s bringing the fugitive Daisy Domergue to Red Rock. Warren opens up a letter to Ruth that he boasts to have come from Abraham Lincoln himself. Domergue spits on the letter which enrages Warren. When Warren knocks her, she brings Ruth with her as she falls out of the stagecoach.

“Chapter Two: Son of a Gun”

The former Lost-Causer militiaman Chris Mannix sees the stagecoach. He tells the passengers that he is Red Rock’s new town sheriff. He convinces Ruth and Warren to come with him since as the new sheriff, he will be the one who will be handing them their bounties. The two men agree but Mannix and Warren have a small altercation.

“Chapter Three: Minnie’s Haberdashery”

As the weather worsens, the stagecoach arrives at Minnie’s Haberdashery. The group goes inside and finds a Mexican named Bob. Bob tell them that the owner, Minnie, is visiting her mother and she asked him to look after the lodge. They also find other people staying in the lodge: Oswaldo Mobray who claims to be Red Rock’s hangman; Joe Gage, a cowboy; and Sanford Smithers, a former Confederate general. Ruth becomes suspicious of the people inside the lodge so he disarms them all except Warren.

During their meal, Mannix accuses Warren that the letter from Lincoln must be a fake. On the other hand, it turns out that Warren wants to take revenge on Smithers for executing black Union soldiers. With a gun placed on the table, Warren says some nasty things to Smithers. Smithers loses his patience and shoots Warren dead.

“Chapter Four: Domergue’s Got a Secret”

As everyone is shocked by Warren’s death, Domergue sees someone pour poison on the coffee. When Ruth and O.B. take a sip, both men expels blood and fall down. Ruth struggles and tries to kill Domergue but she shoots him first with his own gun. Warren snatches the gun from Domergue and leaves her and the rest of the group with the corpse. Mannix joins Warren who almost drunk the coffee.

Warren concludes that Bob must be a fake because he knows that Minnie despises the Mexicans and it is just not possible that she will leave the lodge in the hands of someone she barely knows. Because of this, Warren also kills Bob. Warren warns that he will also kill Domergue but not before Gage confesses that he is the one who poisoned their coffee. Afterwards, a man lurking in the cellar shoots Warren in the groin. At the same time, Mobray brings out a gun a shoots Mannix. Mannix returns fire and injures Mobray while Gage is forced against the wall.

“Chapter Five: The Four Passengers”

The fifth chapter shows what happened earlier that day. Bob, Mobray, Gage and a man named Jody arrive at the lodge and kill everyone save for Smithers. Jody shares their plan to Smithers. He tells him that they plan to make an ambush on Ruth and save Domergue who turns out to be Jody’s sister. Jody also informs him that they will let him live as long as he keeps quiet about everything. The group rearranges the lodge and hides guns all over the place just before the stagecoach arrives. Jody then hides in the cellar.

“Final Chapter: Black Man, White Hell”

Even though they are seriously wounded, Mannix and Warren manage to hostage Domergue, Gage, and Mobray. When they threaten to kill Domergue, Jody comes out from his hiding place and Warren shoots him dead. To save herself, Domergue tells Warren that their group still have a number of men awaiting for them. Domergue promises Warren that his life will be spared if he will let her go.

As Domergue and Morbray continue pestering Warren, he loses his patience and shoots them both. Mobray dies. On the other hand, Gage brings out a gun and tries to shoot Warren but not before Mannix puts a bullet in him. Warren shoots Domergue again but his gun has run out of bullets. Mannix accuses her that what she told Warren is a lie before he loses consciousness. Domergue cuts off Ruth’s arm that is handcuffed to hers. Before she can snatch Mannix’s gun he wakes up and shoots her. To get even with her, Warren convinces Mannix to hang her. The movie ends with Mannix crumpling Warren’s letter after reading it.

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